With Love From Cape Town

Series: Special Releases
Anne Fraser and Joss Wood

ISBN: 9780263280838


Temptation at Table Mountain

Medicine's golden couple, Niall Ferguson and his wife Robina, once had a marriage in a million. But behind closed doors the cracks are showing as Robina aches for the baby she fears she can never have… They must find a way to harness their love and fight for a future—together.

Determined to not let Cale Grant see the devastation he caused when he walked away from her ten years ago, Maddie Shaw will prove just how over her ex she really is now he’s sauntered back into her life…but one steamy kiss later she’s fallen at the first hurdle…!

When a passport error gets Rowan Dunn deported back to South Africa, the only person she knows who can help is Seb Hollis, her best friend’s infuriating brother. But Seb is even sexier than Rowan remembers— Maybe it’s time to start sleeping with the enemy…