With Love From Florence

Series: Special Releases
Scarlet Wilson, Heidi Rice and Christina Hollis

ISBN: 9780263281248


Under the Tuscan Sun

When the discovery of an ancient fresco brings Lucia Moretti back to Tuscany, it also brings her face to face with Logan Cascini, her ex! They parted twelve years ago in the most heart-breaking of circumstances. Perhaps it's now time for Lucia to let go of the past and allow them both to re-discover the joy they shared together…

Long ago Issy Helligan lost her virginity to gorgeous aristocratic Giovanni Hamilton. Then he left without a backward glance and Issy was heartbroken. Now broke, and performing singagrams, who should Issy see but Gio! He’s a Duke and more gorgeous than ever. But will their unfinished business lead to forever?

Kira Banks lives happily in a cottage on the beautiful, isolated Italian valley of Bella Terra. Until millionaire Stefano Albani moves to the valley. Stefano is fascinated by the cautious, hidden Kira and sets his sights on seducing her. But will this millionaire, who doesn’t do’ forever’, find something he didn’t know was missing?