With Love From London

Series: Special Releases
Kate Hardy, Carole Mortimer and Annie Claydon

ISBN: 9780263281606


Love on the Thames

Broken hearted Nicole Thomas would much rather be working than dating! Her only distraction is the man she’s been chatting to online…. When business rival Gabriel meets Nicole, he’s taken aback by the strength of their chemistry…it doesn’t take him long to realise they’ve met before – online!

Lia Fairbanks holds Gregorio de la Cruz responsible for ruining her life. But he can’t get the fiery redhead out of his mind. He won’t rest until he has Lia just where he wants her –in his bed! Can Lia resist this billionaire’s seduction!

Jenna’s spent her life being overlooked, so when she arrives home to find a gorgeous man on her doorstep, she assumes he’s looking for someone else. But Dr Adam Sinclair is here for her – this delectable stranger is her new lodger! Living in close quarters anything can happen…