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A Baby in His In-Tray/The Best Man Takes a Bride

Series: True Love
Michelle Douglas and Stacy Connelly

ISBN: 9780263264784


A Baby in His In-Tray

Taking care of the baby – with the boss!

Liv Gilmour is covering her sister’s work duties for the business hotshot Lord Sebastian Tyrrell. No problem! But when Sebastian is confronted with the needs of an abandoned baby – Liv gets up close and personal with her sexy boss…

The Best Man Takes a Bride

Does anyone still believe in happily-ever-afters?

Rory’s life is all bridezillas, lace and rose petals. And single dad Jamison Porter is in town to play best man for his best friend. When his little girl falls for Rory’s charms, could Jamison be hearing wedding bells of his own?