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A Secret, A Safari, A Second Chance

Series: True Love
Liz Fielding and Stella Bagwell

ISBN: 9780263272604


A luxury escape…

A chance to reveal her baby bombshell!

When single mum Eve Bliss wins a dream holiday on safari she’s not expecting Kit Merchant to be there! She and Kit once shared a passionate night together. But how long can she keep her four-year-old secret… Kit has a daughter!

Home to Blue Stallion Ranch

Stella Bagwell

She’s chasing a dream…

does it include this cowboy?

Rancher Holt Hollister has no interest in selling his horses to new neighbour, Isabelle Townsend. The petite blonde looks like she stepped off a runway, not a ranch. Yet Isabelle is determined to prove she can hold her own – both in and out of the saddle…