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Caribbean Nights With The Tycoon

Series: True Love
Andrea Bolter and Jennifer Faye

ISBN: 9780263299885


Seven nights just isn’t enough…

In this Billion-Dollar Matches story, actress Luna is convinced by her best friend to take a trip—via the exclusive M dating agency!—to Puerto Rico. Luna agrees, but only if her date isn’t looking for happily ever-after! She isn’t prepared for her explosive attraction to tycoon Charlie…or the realisation that she now doesn’t want to leave the Caribbean…

Business deal to marriage for real?

In this Wedding Bells at Lake Como story, Carla appeases her father by telling him she’s engaged. She does not, however, have a fiancé…yet! That’s where Franco comes in—if they marry temporarily, she’ll ensure both their companies will benefit. Saying 'I do' is strictly for business. But with their undeniable chemistry can they keep it that way?