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Cinderella's New York Fling / In Search Of The Long-Lost Maverick

Series: True Love
Cara Colter and Christine Rimmer

ISBN: 9780263278866


Cinderella's New York Fling by Cara Colter

She’s a breath of fresh country air…

…in his big-city life!

When Jessica Winton’s dream job falls into her lap, she’s thrust from a small-town into bustling Manhattan – and faced with new hard to please boss, tycoon Jamie Gilbert-Cooper. But when Jamie takes her under his wing Jessica must wonder how much of the big city appeal is because of Jamie?

In Search of the Long-Lost Maverick by Christine Rimmer

She trusted him with her secrets

But what about his…

Melanie Driscoll has come to Bronco seeking a fresh start; what she finds instead is Gabe Abernathy. The blond, blue-eyed cowboy is temptation enough. The secrets he could be guarding are a whole other level of irresistible. Peeling the covers back on both might be too much for sweet Mel to handle…