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Falling Again For Her Island Fling

Series: True Love
Ellie Darkins and Teresa Southwick

ISBN: 9780263272666


Falling Again for Her Island Fling By Ellie Darkins

Her head doesn’t remember him

…but her heart does!

Marine Biologist Meena isn’t prepared for the jolt of recognition when she meets tycoon Guy Williams. An accident stole Meena’s memories and she’s been searching for answers ever since. Could Guy be the missing piece to her past…and her future…

What Makes a Father By Teresa Southwick

Can a ready made family

Be the one thing she’s missing?

When her sister dies Annie Campbell suddenly becomes a mum to her twins, but is shocked when three months after the birth Dr. Mason Blackburne shows up at her door ready to do a DNA test and be a father. Help with the twins is what Anna needs, what she doesn’t need is the chemistry between them…