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Falling For His Unlikely Cinderella / Betting On A Fortune

Series: True Love
Rebecca Winters and Nancy Robards Thompson

ISBN: 9780263278781


Falling for His Unlikely Cinderella by Rebecca Winters

Can he persuade his Cinderella…
… they’re meant for one another?

Billionaire Raoul Fontesquieu is starting a new life with his recently-discovered son, hiring a housekeeper, Cami Delon to help. But soon Cami enchants Raoul. Will he be able to convince her that she fits perfectly into his privileged world…because she already has his heart?

Betting on a Fortune by Nancy Robards Thompson

Taking a gamble on love
They’re getting too close for comfort

Ashley Fortune is furious Rodrigo Mendoza has been hired to consult on her new restaurant. But her resentment quickly turns to attraction…and then frustration when Rodrigo won’t mix business with pleasure. Determined to succeed, will Ashley win him over?