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Falling For The Pregnant Heiress

Series: True Love
Susan Meier and Melissa Senate

ISBN: 9780263272550


Falling for the Pregnant Heiress by Susan Meier

A pregnant heiress, a bachelor billionaire…

an unlikely family?

Billionaire Trent Sigmund’s best friend’s sister is pregnant and needs his help to track down her ex. But the search was not supposed to become a whirlwind trip of Europe… And it certainly wasn’t supposed to awaken an attraction that makes Trent long to take a chance and build it into the perfect family!

Rust Falls Cinderella by Melissa Senate

The shoe fits…

But is he the right Prince?

Chef Lily Hunt feels like anything but a princess, especially to her friend, sexy rancher Xander Crawford. The wealthy cowboy loves her cooking but sees her as just a friend, until a makeover makes him appreciate her womanly side. Lily, however, wants a prince who loves her inside and out…