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From Wedding Fling To Baby Surprise / Cinderella And The Brooding Billionaire

Series: True Love
Nina Singh and Michelle Douglas

ISBN: 9780263299939


From Wedding Fling to Baby Surprise

Nina Singh

Their spontaneous fling…Will have unexpected consequences

Laney desperately needs a date to her sister’s wedding, and when sexy stranger Gianni steps in as her plus one she can’t help herself from exploring the explosive chemistry between them! But when she discovers who Gianni really is Laney escapes to Italy to protect her heart—where she finds that Gianni is not so easily forgotten…and neither is their fling!

Cinderella and the Brooding Billionaire

Michelle Douglas

Baby who needs a mother…Billionaire who needs a wife?

Monique wants to protect her grieving godson, but she can’t do it alone. When Italian billionaire Luca arrives to meet his child for the first time, it’s clear he’s out of his depth! So he makes her a temporary proposition—go with him to Italy as the boy’s nanny. But Monique never anticipates that her ‘yes’ could be the start of something more permanent…!