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His Convenient Royal Bride

Series: True Love
Cara Colter and Nancy Robards Thompson

ISBN: 9780263272352


His Convenient Royal Bride by Cara Colter

From small-town waitress…

To royal bride!

Since leaving her cheating fiancé, Maddie Nelson is back waiting tables in her hometown. When a gorgeous stranger needs a guide, she decides to throw caution to the wind. But she never expected him to be Prince Edward Alexander in need of a convenient wife!


A Fortunate Arrangement by Nancy Robards


From ‘office wife’

To love for life

Becoming Austin Fortune’s assistant was a dream come true for Felicity Schafer until she made the mistake of falling for her boss! But the brooding executive was still nursing wounds from his divorce. Now, after five years, will giving notice get Austin to take notice of her?