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How To Propose To A Princess

Series: True Love
Rebecca Winters and Christine Rimmer

ISBN: 9780263272642


How to Propose to a Princess By Rebecca Winters

She fell for a doctor…

Can she love a crown prince?

It’s love at first sight for both Dr. Nico Barsotti and Princess Fausta of Domodossola. But before proposing orphaned Nico resolves to uncover the secrets of his birth. Fausta’s always longed for a life away from the royal court, so what happens when Nico reveals his discovery – he’s a Crown Prince!

A Husband She Couldn't Forget By Christine Rimmer

Can losing her memory…

Help her find her future?

When Alyssa Santangelo, is involved in an accident she wakes to find she has no memory of the last seven years, and the fact she is divorced from the only man she’s ever loved! Refusing to accept the end of her marriage she must prove she has not given up on Connor… especially when a night of passion leads to an unexpected surprise…