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Indonesian Date With The Single Dad / Reclaiming The Prince's Heart

Series: True Love
Jessica Gilmore and Rebecca Winters

ISBN: 9780263299922


Indonesian Date with the Single Dad

Jessica Gilmore

Happily ever after for the matchmaker?

When dating agency owner Madison flies to Indonesia to tell billionaire single dad Luke the match she’d arranged has fallen through, she never imagines she’ll become his stand-in date! But as they sail the Indian Ocean on a luxury yacht and rendezvous with his daughter in Sydney, Madison’s long hidden yearning for a family comes hurtling back into view…

Reclaiming the Prince's Heart

Rebecca Winters

Can she make him love her – all over again?

Princess Luna can’t believe it. Her husband, Prince Rini—who’d been reported dead after an earthquake—is alive…and standing in front of her! Yet their reunion isn’t the fairy-tale Luna dreamed of. Rini has amnesia and can’t remember her—or their marriage! Will their still-powerful connection be strong enough to bring back the memory of their once-perfect love…?