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Midwives Christmas Miracles

Series: True Love
Scarlet Wilson, Tina Beckett and Louisa George

ISBN: 9780263268515


For these brave midwives, can Christmas bring a family?

After a rocky beginning, midwife Bonnie Reid is surprised when Head Obstetrician Jacob Layton offers her, and her little daughter Freya, a place to stay! Bonnie’s looking for a fresh start, but she didn’t expect it to be with brooding – and totally gorgeous – Jacob…
After her twin sister stole her fiancé, midwife Jessica Black vows to stay single. But with her family’s Christmas visit looming Jess needs a way to convince them she’s so over her ex.  She’ll need a ‘boyfriend’ for the holidays! Enter Hospital heartthrob Dr Dean Edwards!
Sean is devastated to learn he was once a father – and that Isabel went through it alone. Together again, Sean knows his heart will always belong to Isabel…and with a little bit of Christmas magic he’s determined to convince her that their love is worth fighting for!