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Second Chance With The Best Man

Series: True Love
Katrina Cudmore and Christy Jeffries

ISBN: 9780263272468


Can the man who broke her heart…

…be the one to mend it?

At her best friend’s wedding, Hannah McGinley comes face to face with the man who broke her heart, best man Laurent Bonneval. Yet amid the champagne and confetti their chemistry is impossible to ignore. Can Laurent prove he’s worth a second chance at Hannah’s heart…

It Started With A Pregnancy

Can a single night…

lead to a forever family?

Rebekah Taylor isn’t the forever family type. But now she’s pregnant! Grant Whitaker, isn’t your typical daddy-to-be, but the fancy-free tech consultant is sticking around. Can Grant persuade Rebekah to trust in him and the future they’ve started creating together?