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Snowbound With The Heir

Series: True Love
Sophie Pembroke and Jo McNally

ISBN: 9780263272741


Snowbound with the Heir by Sophie Pembroke

Cozying up in a snowstorm…

…rekindles an old flame!

Stranded together in a snowstorm, Tori Edwards and Jasper, Viscount Darlton, are reminded of their earth-shattering kiss five years ago. Working through the secrets which pulled them apart, Jasper is determined to prove, that this Christmas they deserve a second chance.

It Started at Christmas… by Jo McNally

She was hired to design his house.

nstead she created a home.

Interior designer Amanda Lowery can turn Blake Randall’s crumbling castle into a Gallant Lake showplace. But helping the real estate mogul with his guarded heart and his troubled, orphaned nephew? A much bigger challenge. Will Christmas help these two see their own possibilities…