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Surprise Baby For The Heir

Series: True Love
Ellie Darkins and Caro Carson

ISBN: 9780263272147


Surprise Baby for the Heir by Ellie Darkins

From perfect strangers…To mummy and daddy!

One night with a gorgeous stranger is the perfect distraction for Elspeth from the happy-ever-after that will never be hers. The trainee doctor and carer has no room in her life for romance, until a surprise pregnancy catapults her back into Fraser’s world…

The Colonels’ Texas Promise by Caro Carson

A marriage pact, sixteen years in the making.

The vow was simple. If they were single by the time they made Lieutenant Colonel, they’d marry. On the day of her promotion, Juliet Grayson is at Evan Stephens’s door to ask him to keep his promise. Juliet only needs a father figure for her son, but Evan hopes to be so much more…