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The Billionaire's Convenient Bride

Series: True Love
Liz Fielding and Stella Bagwell

ISBN: 9780263272277


The tycoon returns…

with a convenient proposal!

Since Kam Faulkner’s mother lost her job at Priddy Castle after his stolen moment with the owner’s granddaughter Agnés Prideaux, he’s dreamed of revenge. Now billionaire Kam is back to buy the castle but finds Agnés has inherited it! Could this be Kam’s second chance?

Guarding His Fortune by Stella Bagwell

Keeping her safe may cost his heart.

Is he willing to pay the price?

Bodyguard Chaz Mendoza knows Savannah Fortune is off-limits. The pretty student he’s been hired to look after is smart and opinionated. Yet he would lay down his life for her. Her family has made it clear he has no permanent place in her world. But Chaz refuses to settle for less….