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The CEO, The Puppy And Me / The Texan's Baby Bombshell

Series: True Love
Jennifer Faye and Allison Leigh

ISBN: 9780263278828


The CEO, the Puppy and Me by Jennifer Faye

Has the search for her past…

helped her find her future?

Gia Bartolini’s searching for her real father on the island of Lapri but is immediately side-tracked rescuing a trapped puppy, and falling straight into the arms of alluring Riccardo Moretti! Her passion for the all-business CEO burns bright. Could it be that in uncovering her roots, Gia has found her true love?

The Texan's Baby Bombshell by Allison Leigh

She can’t remember her past                               

…except him

When Baby Linus’s missing mother Laurel Hudson is found—alive but suffering from amnesia—Adam Fortune will do whatever it takes to reunite mother and son, even if it means a road trip in extremely close quarters. But will the long journey home remind Laurel how much they truly share?