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The Maid, The Millionaire And The Baby / Her Right-Hand Cowboy

Series: True Love
Michelle Douglas and Marie Ferrarella

ISBN: 9780263278637


The Maid, the Millionaire and the Baby by Michelle Douglas

A baby – in his home

…with no instruction manual!

Jasper Coleman runs a global business. But has no idea how to look after his baby nephew! Desperate, he calls on his housemaid Imogen Hartley to help. She has tempted him ever since she arrived but turns out to be just what baby George needs – and perhaps what Jasper needs too.

Her Right-Hand Cowboy by Marie Ferrarella

Where there's a will, there’s a way back home!

When Ena O’Rourke left Forever she never looked back. Until a letter from her father’s lawyer brings her back to the family ranch, if she wants to inherit the ranch, she needs to work on it for six months!

With only Mitch Parnell to help Ena will she see that perhaps she has a future in Forever…