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Their Christmas Royal Wedding

Series: True Love
Nina Milne and Christine Rimmer

ISBN: 9780263272710


Their Christmas Royal Wedding by Nina Milne

Cinderella takes the throne…

…and the hand of her Prince Charming?

While adjusting to her new life as heir to the throne of Casavalle, Gabriella meets a handsome stranger, with no idea he’s Prince Cesar of Aguilarez. A convenient marriage would unite their countries, but their attraction is anything but convenient!

The Right Reason to Marry by Christine Rimmer

She wants the perfect family…

but she won’t marry him.

Karin Killigan refuses to marry Liam Bravo solely for the sake of their pending baby. She is holding out for true, lasting love. Despite their attraction Karin won’t settle. Liam will have to prove he’s in it for love if he wants a family for his baby’s first Christmas.