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Their Royal Baby Gift / His Christmas Cinderella

Series: True Love
Kandy Shepherd and Christy Jeffries

ISBN: 9780263279023


Their Royal Baby Gift by Kandy Shepherd

Can two strangers

…become one family?

When Sally Harrington falls—literally!—into the arms of a handsome stranger, she finds one passionate night later she’s pregnant! But there’s another shock to come. Her mystery man turns out to be Prince Edward of Tianlipin! As their two worlds collide there may be one more Christmas surprise coming their way…

His Christmas Cinderella by Christy Jeffries

He has everything…

Except the gift money can’t buy

Rancher Jordan Taylor has it all—except someone to share his life with. And that woman is Camilla Sanchez, the waitress he met at a charity ball. Camilla thinks they are too different to make it work, but Jordan is determined to prove her wrong. So she grants him his wish: three weeks to convince her he is worthy of her love…