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Unlocking the Millionaire's Heart / From Best Friend to Daddy

Series: True Love
Bella Bucannon and Jules Bennett

ISBN: 9780263264869


Unlocking the Millionaire’s Heart by Bella Bucannon

He’s locked himself away…Can she find the key to his heart?

Working with Jemma Harrison on his novel is the last thing millionaire Nate Thornton wants. After his time as a war reporter, Nate prefers to be alone. But soon, Nate can’t deny the light Jemma brings to his life. Could she be the one?

From Best Friend to Daddy by Jules Bennett

From “just one night” …to bonded for life

Kate McCoy’s life is organized to perfection, until the night she steps into Gray Gallagher’s arms. This time Kate has miscalculated: she’s unexpectedly expecting. And the heart she has carefully sheltered starts seeing her cherished friend in a different light…