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Unmasking The Secret Prince / Runaway Groom

Series: True Love
Rebecca Winters and Lynne Marshall

ISBN: 9780263299533


Unmasking the Secret Prince

Rebecca Winters

A prince in hiding…

…a love exposed!

Since the day his parents were usurped, Prince Alexandros’ royal identity has been a fiercely guarded secret. So, when he fell in love, with beautiful Giannina Angelis, five years ago, he had no choice but to leave… without so much as an explanation. Now, with the chance to re-claim his rightful kingdom, he’s back – and, ready to re-claim Giannina’s heart!

Runaway Groom

Lynne Marshall

Dearly beloved…

We are not gathered here today

When Mark Mendoza discovers his fiancée cheating on him on their wedding day, he hightails it out of town. Megan Fortune is there to pick up the pieces—and to act as his faux girlfriend when his ex shows up. Mark swears he will never get involved again. Megan doesn’t want to be a ‘rebound’ fling. But they find each other irresistible. What’s a fake couple to do?