Mountain Investigation / The Prosecutor

Series: Heroes
Cindi Myers and Nichole Severn

ISBN: 9780263283242


Mountain Investigation

by Cindi Myers

She wants to save her father. What does he want?

Audra Trask’s entire existence has been clouded by her missing father. When a mysterious stranger threatens her business and her life, she turns to Colorado Ranger Brigade specialist Mark Hudson for help. But Hud’s plan to use Audra to locate a criminal leads to an attraction he can’t deny…and a danger neither may survive.

The Prosecutor

by Nichole Severn

If she wins her case… she could lose her life.

Prosecuting the notorious Rip City Bomber, pregnant Deputy DA Madison Gray is stunned to find Marshal Jonah Watson as her security detail. He’s the child’s father, but past circumstances had forced her to walk away. Yet when a series of bombings threatens Madison, she must trust the one man she vowed never to depend on.