Latin Lovers: Duty And Desire

Series: Special Releases
Carol Marinelli, Fiona Hood-Stewart and Kay Thorpe

ISBN: 9780263299120


Unlocking her passion

Learning that the husband she'd tried to forget has spent the past year falsely imprisoned in Brazil is the last thing Meg Hamilton wants to hear. But she’s willing play her part – in exchange for Niklas' signature on the divorce papers! Except, this time when Meg gives into their mind-blowing chemistry, the consequences will bind her to Niklas forever…

Victor is determined to have Araminta in his bed – but only for pleasure! He will never again allow a woman to get close to him. He will bring out Araminta's passionate nature, satisfy both their desires, and move on…. But there’s one thing the Brazilian tycoon hasn't bargained on – falling for his mistress!

Gina came to Tuscany to discover her roots, not to gain an Italian husband! Unable to resist the gorgeous Count Lucius Carendente, she indulges in one glorious night with him… Lucius only intended to make Gina his mistress, but when he discovers the truth of her virginity, he insists on doing the honourable thing and making her his wife!