The Rancher's Secret Heir

Written by Maureen Child


For this wealthy cowboy, the one who got away is back…with their baby!

Rancher JT Harrah has all the money he needs, but he hasn’t forgotten the woman he met last year. The only thing more shocking than seeing her again is the fact that she now has a baby…and the little girl is his!

Guilt drove Emily Franklin to give commitment-shy JT another chance…and to her surprise, he wants to be a father, even if loving Emily isn’t part of the deal. When he demands she move in with him, she says yes for her daughter’s sake. But resisting JT may be impossible, especially after one red-hot kiss proves their chemistry is as sizzling as ever… 

The Rancher's Secret Heir
~ Chapter 1 ~

“They’re all going to be talking about building a rodeo arena and you don’t want to be there?”

JT Harrah frowned, pulled the saddle and blanket off the mare he’d just rode back across the ranch and set it aside to stroke the flat of his hand over the horse’s neck. It was tempting to go into town and have some input into this mythical arena. Mythical because, he told himself, it probably wouldn’t get built.

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